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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Visual Poetry of J. Michael Mollohan

via Dan Waber's minimalist concrete poetry:

In a perfect world, I'd be able to continue bringing fresh content to this space through the simple mechanism of posting lovely, elegant, haunting, paradigm-shifting, perception expanding minimalist concrete poems submitted by others and I'll have the much hoped for luxury of not needing to comment too much on the whats, the whys, and the explication of a tentative poetics. I'll be able to make, over time, a sort of Poincaré map around the concept. Work like the following 19 poems by J. Michael Mollohan goes a long way towards helping me realize that goal.


Anonymous Nolan Sikkink said...

Very nice. Keep up the good work.

2:27 PM, December 05, 2005


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