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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bait & Switch & Shift & Pivot & Repeat

via Daniel f. Bradley's fhole:

silliman reviews Shift & Switch – rightly pointing out one big flaw in the book, most of the visual poetry is published in this anthology is crap. it is pretty funny that i agree with him on this (but for different reason), because silliman is usually very wrong about visual poetry.


Blogger a.raw said...

hey geof,

you mentioned on silliman's site that you'd not yet seen the book. have you found a copy yet?

i recently provided a bit more context for some of the visual work in a blog post on my site -- commutiny.blogspot.com. would be interested to hear other visual poets' reactions to some of the visual/concrete poetry and graphic documentation of poetic projects found in the book.

8:25 PM, January 08, 2006

Blogger Geof Huth said...


Nope, haven't procured a copy yet. But I will eventually.

Coincidentally, just before I read your note here, I read your note about the book on your blog. And I'm about to make a link to it here.

I'm sure you've seen what daniel f. has written about this, but I haven't heard from anyone else. And haven't asked derek--tho his opinion on the quality might be biased!


8:40 PM, January 08, 2006

Blogger a.raw said...


i think we're equally informed on the anth-chatter so far. reactions and reviews are just beginning to crop up. most have been general responses to the book-as-object and expected curiousity in the project as a whole. it doesn't behave like a typical anthology (non-traditional texts, three young editors, not to mention 20% graphic work), and that's generating ample food-for-thought.

speaking of biases, have you checked out sharon harris' blog? she just posted, sharing her visual inclusion in the anth and mentioning a visual piece she enjoyed.

an intriguing line to walk, the bias. some co-eds and contribs have chatted about whether to respond and, if so, how to respond. it's exciting to see dialogue around the poets' work and discussing the why's, how's, and who's of anthologizing.

i hear there may be a review in next week's ottawa xpress. perhaps it'll begin to detail reaction to specific inclusions in the book.

would be neat to hear derek's thoughts at this point, bias noted...

9:08 PM, January 08, 2006

Blogger Geof Huth said...


Hadn't seen Sharon's blog--tho I did look at her launch photos. Now I've added another link for that blog! Send word on the Ottawa Xpress review if it comes out. I'll probably be ordering a copy of the book in the next couple of weeks.


9:25 PM, January 08, 2006


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