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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Could "Calligraglyph" Be Just a Joke?

via Bob Grumman's po-X-cetera:

I thought the first of these one of the best of Geof's fidgetglyphs when I got it on a postcard he sent me. In fact, I told him it deserved to be called a "calligraglyph," rather than disparaged as a "fidgetglyph," as I think I said here (except that I called it then a "Calligraphiglyph," I don't know why, except that I just wasn't thinking). Geof described it on his card as an expression of his poetics, by which he jokingly meant, I believe, that his poetics had nothing to do with words--so not with what I consider poetry.

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Anonymous toni prat said...

Dear Sir,

I have recently written a book of visual poetry entitled ‘Eloqüencies’, published by Tabelaria Edicions and with a prologue in Spanish, Catalan and English by Professor Miquel Toneu from the Vice-Chancellor’s Office at Vic University. I would like to be included on your registers as the author of this work and would also be extremely interested in receiving feedback from you. If you wish to visualise some of the poems, they are available at poemesvisuals.com

Should you be interested in setting up an exhibition, I have 42 photographs in 40x40 cm format. (There is also a video included in the blog at poemesvisuals.com which can be translated into English if required).

In addition, if you wish to feature my work in your bookstore, I will be delighted to send you as many copies as you require on a deposit basis.

Although I am not sure whether it’s possible, I would also be delighted if you could set up a VISUAL POETRY link on your website under the poemesvisuals.com domain.

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Toni prat


2:21 AM, March 28, 2009

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