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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Mimeo Re-volution

via Richard Lopez' Really Bad Movies:

one of hansen's specialties is mimeo-era poets and poetry, poets such as d. a. levy, tom kryss et al. so there was a levy celebration a couple of months ago at hansen's bookstore, the book collector. for the occassion a local poet's press, polymer grove, published two beautifully designed chaps of levy's work. i devoured the collection miniConcrete, which contains some of levy's vispo and concrete work.


Anonymous john barlow said...

has there ever been a biography
of d.a.levy? his work was dazzling
and ive heard stories. don't know if
i'll refind this site point in time
on this site again (bloghop infrequently), so if there's
an answer re biography or possibility
of a biography of d.a. levy
cc oversion9@yahoo.com

really bad movies: lisztomania,
unbelievably bad. awful acting,
senseless, nothing to do with liszt,
vapid with regard to liszt's century! roger daltry is a terrible actor.
he's portraying franz liszt and
does a charlie chaplin routine
that would be grating in 3 seconds
among friends. maybe it was all meant
to be, at the time, something.

the other film i have for a week
is pandemonium, with coleridge
and wordsworth.


1:01 AM, April 09, 2006


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